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Onsite Offshore Services

Onsite Offshore Services:

iSphier offshore outsourcing model provides feasible option for organizations to retain and gain competitive edge in the global marketplace and to bring in economies of scale and cost competitive operations for implementing and supporting a client’s mission-critical projects. iSphier outsourcing delivery model aims to productively spread out and manage engagements and resources to better respond to dynamic client requirements around the globe at unsurpassed levels of speed, quality and value that saves the client from investing in a huge team of professionals. It conveniently adapts to the client’s changing requirements and if there is a sudden need for a huge team, the outsourcing service provider can at once supply them to the client conveniently that results in quicker deliveries, improved end-user requirements, and excellent cost-effectiveness and ensures there is no interruption in business process. The distribution of outsourcing activities across the onsite and offshore locations may vary according to the demands of the project. Ideally, the activities that are executed onsite are:

  • Initial Study/Project requirements
  • Planning
  • High-level Design
  • Testing
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance and Support

Some of the activities that are executed at offshore locations include:

  • Project Analysis/Research
  • Technology Assessment
  • Detail Design and build
  • Development
  • Replication of client IT Infrastructure
  • Technical Support
  • Operations Support
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