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Our Products

 MRP Food Processing

  • Inventory management for raw materials apart from finished goods.
  • BOM, Process setup, Routes per BOM for effective production management
  • Generate Pick Plan / Production Plan based on outstanding orders, finished goods & raw materials available.
  • Auto-generate purchase orders for raw materials based on threshold limits and MRP runs.
  • Lot of traceability
  • Yield return calculations per vendor based on raw material inputs & finished goods o/p
  • Quality control setup & sales order generation based on matching parameters
  • Financials include invoices, expenses,  receivables,  credit limits for customers, vendors, reconciliation
Store POS & Inventory

  • Inventory management on a perpetual basis.
  • Attributes of product / details in the control of the user. Multi-level unitization.
  • Generates 1D (ASCII 128) barcodes for products individually or per group as required.
  • Handles partial payments, return of goods, goods in transit, good destroyed
  • Tracks dead stock & alerts users when thresholds for stock limits are reached.
  • Price manager for walk-ins (MRP), dealer price, promo prices, mark down prices.
  • Tax Manager & Currency setup
  • Exhaustive reports with Auto mail generation based on report groups / users as required.
  • Advanced Role Manager for assigning permissions
  • Dashboard for owners / managers to get visibility on sales made with distribution      information per product group


Air Freight Export

  • Logs inquiries / bookings / nomination shipments
  • Quote generation by recording of spot rates followed by their mark ups. Multiple quotes per inquiry / booking
  • Published rate data input to get ideas on discounts ‘on the fly’ while recording spot rates & for printing on MAWBs.
  •  Job creation for individual bookings and consolidation of multiple bookings onto a MAWB
  • Document manager & shipping docs / bill / invoice / CSR generator
  • Printing of MAWB details on MAWB / House docs
  • Airline stock (MAWB) management
  • Minimal errors in handling consignments (customers) due to the reductions in data entry work.
  • Dashboard that prompts users on to do’s based on priority levels.
  • Tracks Profits earnt per shipment, per sector, per commodity, per customer
  • Get insights in to understanding which Airlines are profitable to work with
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